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Wireless speaker and wireless charging WS06IPB WS06IPB

A design speaker with wireless induction charger

  • Bluetooth®
  • Total music power 30 Watts
  • 5V/1A USB for other device charging
  • Wireless induction* charger
  • Bluetooth is a communication method that allows data to be exchanged bidirectionally over a short distance, through UHF radio waves on a 2.4GHz frequency. Its aim is to simplify connection between electronic devices by getting rid of wires. It can replace cables between computers, tablets, mobiles and other electronic devices. ×

  • Our Multimedia Browser USB is the USB port that enables you to browse your files directly on your screen. Display your JPEG photos, play MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (MP4, H.264) videos or put on your stored MP3 music. To display your photos or videos on your television, just plug your USB stick in to the USB Multimedia Browser port! You can then browse your files, create slide shows or select audio mode if you just want to listen to some music. ×


Bluetooth®: stream your music wirelessly

Total music power 30 Watts

4400mAh battery

Up to 6 Hrs playtime

5V/1A USB for other device charging

Wireless induction* charger

Power supply 230V Including 5V/1.5A AC adaptor

*Your phone must be compatible with wireless chargers.

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