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65" /165 CM

D66 series 65UD6696

65" Ultra Slim Curved 4K UHD TV with HDR PRO and Smart TV 3.0

  • 4K HDR
  • Curved
  • Micro dimming
  • Smart TV 3.0
  • Netflix HDR
  • You Tube HDR
  • Dolby Audio
  • Android TV

    Android TV offers content, apps and games for your television. You can stream films, listen to music or play Android games on the biggest screen in the house. Thanks to features like voice search and built-in Chromecast, Android TV makes your television smarter. ×


With its carefully designed curved screen which places you at the heart of the action, this truly is the TV for film lovers. D66 Series combines Curved Ultra Slim Metal Design, 4K HDR PRO and grant easier access to 4K UHD HDR contents thanks to SMART TV 3.0. Designed for those who do not want to compromise between elegance, image quality and easy access to the content they love, the D66 series will blend into your interior and let all members of your family enjoy their favorite content in an exceptional image quality.


Ultra large curved screen

Ultra large curved screen for more immersion

You will be surprised by the feeling of depth that our ultra HD screens offer: this is comparable to a 3D vision for images showing different planes. These screens offer incredible sharp image contours, enhancing the field depth.

HDR : Deepest blacks, higher contrast and vivid colours

The latest standard for UHD content is High Dynamic Range. HDR produces stricking brightness, vividly precise colour and dazzling detail images with accurate reproduction of light and dark shades. And allow you to experience HDR content via all sources. 

HDR HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma):

TCL 4K UHD TV's are Hybrid Log Gamma compatible. These models are future proof and capable to display HDR quality whatever the signal source: HDMI, TV broadcasts, USB, Internet contents… Get ready to enjoy live shows and sport events in an unrivalled HDR quality.

4K-Ultra HD : 4 times more pixels, 4 times more details !

The Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution is 4 times greater than Full HD. You will be captivated by the perfect precisions of the images on our Ultra HD TVs that display an image with over 8 million pixels. Never miss a single detail, be part of the action!

Our large 4K UHD televisions are curved for greater

Our large 4K UHD televisions are curved for greater immersion. Thanks to the richness of its details and the sharpness of the picture in Ultra HD, viewers can be closer to the largescreen. By designing a perfect curve, the screen surrounds the viewer and places them at the heart of the picture. This makes them feel that they are in the centre of the action and don't see the edges of the picture. The visual impression is close to 3D, without any of the disadvantages. So, films take on an entirely new dimension, like in a cinema where the screen is also curved. When a games console is connected, the game-play experience is also infinitely more immersive. Thanks to very wide angles of vision, there is no need to be in the middle facing the screen; whatever the viewer's position, their immersion is guaranteed.

SMART TV 3.0 for easier access to 4K UHD HDR contents

With SMART TV 3.0, it's easier than ever to enjoy your favourite contents thanks to recent and frequently used categories. On top, with TV+ App Store, you can download your favorite Applications, high definition movies, videos and games. Netflix and Youtube both come in 4K HDR quality on SMART TV 3.0

YOUTUBE: now, available in 4K UHD HDR quality

With YouTube, you can see what the whole world is watching, from the most popular music videos to the vid- eo games and popular entertainment programmes, via the news and much more. Subscribe to the channels you line, share with your friends and watch on any device. And now, available in 4K UHD HDR quality.

NETFLIX: now, available in 4K UHD HDR quality.

Netflix is one of the largest Internet TV channels in the world, with a range of programmes designed to have something for everyone. Watch programmes scheduled just for you, including Netflix original series and award- winning films and documentaries. Now available in 4K UHD HDR quality.

Dolby Audio delivers rich, clear, powerful sound in your TV

Get the most out of your content with dynamic, high quality surround sound with Dolby Audio. Whether you are watching films, TV programs, online videos or concerts, Dolby Audio guarantees you audio quality that meets your expectations.


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